Your website is awesome, very easy to search and place orders - Tom Maillet 

 I just used the website to submit an order for the first time. I have to say, I love how easy and user-friendly it is. Well done with this setup.  - Mo Soffar

 So far it's easy to work with. I like that the search works well by either using the description or product number.  - Dwayne Lesiuk 

I found the website very easy to use, thank you for asking. I like that it gives you the total order, including shipping. It's also colourful, bright and large enough to see the pictures clearly.          - Brenda Wood

I just tried the new website and it is great. I placed an order and received a confirmation email, so I guess I am not as computer challenged as I thought.  - Frances Vrooman

This website is wonderful! We will use it!  - Alain Harvey 

 I love the website idea, it's so much easier than going through a catalogue and either trying to find the items on an order form or having to type it all out. Really fantastic idea.    - Charlene Lewis