Our Story

A family owned and operated business, W.C. Smith has been in business for over 175 years. The Smith family first launched the business in 1830. Col. Thomas Smith began retailing family clothing as well as basic grocery items to local Ontario residents. During this time the store motto was simple, “Committed to Customers.”

Over the years the company expanded and the founder, Col. Thomas Smith, was offered free crown land in the heart of Clifford, Ontario. With this move he was able to expand the business and reach more customers. Col. Thomas Smith retired in 1890 and his son, Sidney, took over the family business. During this time, Sidney Smith, operated the business as Sidney Smith & Co.

In 1930 the business celebrated its Centennial year. Around this same time, Sidney Smith retired and handed over the business to his son William Harvey. In 1945 William Harvey began to source and sell goods nationally to other retailers through the mail order system. The business was renamed “W.H. Smith Wholesale.”

William Harvey ran the company until he retired in 1969, his then 26-year-old son, William (Bill) Campbell Smith took over the day-to-day operations. During this time, they experienced huge success with the wholesaling section of the business and William (Bill) Campbell decided to discontinue the retailing aspect and focus primarily on wholesale distribution. 

In 1976 William (Bill) Campbell renamed the business W.C. Smith Wholesale Distributors Inc., the name it currently operates under. By this time the business had expanded rapidly over the years to include several warehouses throughout the village of Clifford. With a need for a bigger space W.C. Smith decided to build a new warehouse at the edge of Clifford to consolidate all the locations, products, and staff. Since then, the company has expanded multiple times to include additional warehouse space.

Today W.C. Smith Wholesale Distributors Inc. wholesales at a national level, with customers right across Canada. Their company motto has since evolved to “Committed to Customer Satisfaction.” W.C. Smith is continually dedicated to its new and exciting customers and prides itself on providing the utmost customer care to every one of their customers.